For All Ages

You do not have to suffer from an ailment to enjoy the benefits from using one of our Salt Room Melbourne. A Private, Family or Adult Room is available, come and build up your immune system or improve your Wellbeing for Sport or Recovery from Sport injury.

Why is it so relaxing in the
Salt Room Melbourne?

Salt is negatively charged and has the natural ability to attract and bind positively charged particles to it. The neutralizing forces of salt can cancel out positive charged and harmful electromagnetic vibrations in our environment, as well as in areas of our body. Salt therapy has de-stressing, relaxing effects and can be beneficial for calming the nervous system.

What Are Negative & Positive Ions ?

Ions (from the Greek ‘wanderer’) are electronically charged atoms or molecules that exist throughout our environment – air, water, food or drinks. Many years of research can prove conclusively that ions have major impacts on health and well-being.
Negative ions
Negative ions those with an excessive negative charge – tend to have good impacts on health, while positive ions have adverse effects.
Positive ions
Positive ions can be generated by electric discharges – i.e. storms, electronic equipment (including computers), air conditioning, etc., these can create depressive feelings which some people are familiar with.


Halotherapy is essentially the treatment of respiratory diseases using the same air found in underground Salt Caves. This atmosphere is typically rich in natural salt microns and ions which have been found to be quite effective in reducing asthma, sinusitis and other allergy symptoms plus relieving some breathing problems. In addition soothing irritated skin conditions and restoring ionic balance within the body. As we are exposed to more pollutants in the air around us it is apparent that respiratory and skin issues are more common. These conditions take the form of :



Seasonal Allergies

(Sinuses and Hay Fever),

Breathing Difficulties

(Colds, Flu, Congestion etc.),

Skin Rashes

(Eczema, Dermatitis, Psoriasis).

What is a Salt Room

A Salt Room Melbourne is specifically designed Room to duplicate the many healing properties & atmosphere found in the Salt Caves created over millennia by natural progression. All the Salt used in the Rooms is of Pharmaceutical Grade with no additives or modification – purely natural.

Background Music

You will walk into the Salt Room where background music will calm you, sit in one of the relaxing massage chairs and put up your feet onto a massage footstool.

Pharmaceutical Grade Salt

When the session starts the main light will go out and the room will be lit by Salt Lamps. The Pharmaceutical Grade Salt passes through a Halogenerator and is dispersed into the room.

Halogenerator Reduces Salt

The Halogenerator reduces the Salt to micro particles and the atmosphere in the room is electronically controlled by sensors. You will breathe in the Salt or allow it to fall onto your skin for it to do its work.
It is like stepping into another world & the tranquil calm feeling you will feel is amazing. Your body goes into a relaxed state allowing your mind & organs to absorb the calmness and healing properties from the Halotherapy Session within the Salt Room.

Your body is more receptive when in a relaxed & undisturbed state, a Halotherapy Session will become one of the best 45 minutes of your day.

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