A warm welcome is assured when you call in for your appointed session at salt therapy rooms Melbourne, free consultation or just a walk in


Is more like a Family Room which accommodates children up to 10 years old accompanied by an adult. To the right we have the aquarium where the children can watch the fish.

Loaded With Salt

The floor in these salt therapy rooms Melbourne is loaded with salt and toys are located in the room, to the left as is the TV screen.

Read a book or play

The children can play whilst a DVD runs on the TV screen. Older children may wish to read a book or play on their ipad.
The adult can have a restful time taking in the Salt Therapy whilst sitting in a warm relaxed ambiance with the salt being dispersed into the atmosphere, doing its work for either respiratory or skin conditions.


As it’s name suggests the room is for adults (16 yrs or older), the room is adjoining the Kids Rook so one wall has the aquarium to view and again the floor laden with salt.
There is piped music for relaxation,
Low lighting for serenity,
Vibrating adjustable massage chairs and footstools.
There is a heater which controls the temperature and the infra red lazer that controls the level of salt dispersed into the atmosphere. All in all a thoroughly enjoyable experience whilst the Pharmaceutical Salt is doing it’s work.